Michal HōR is a multimedia artist, photographer, filmmaker, industrial designer, curator and lector. He is the author of theater projects and film, lighting installations and extensive photography. He presented and exhibited his work at solo exhibitions and in New York, Berlin, Barcelona and many other places.

 He is also creator and co-creator of a number of theater and multimedia projects. The following projects represent their own creation:


  • RE-PRESS-e (2020) Video installation / Prague / Usudek gallery

  • Rozsocháč ( Czech Hedgehog ) / light echo – (2019) Lighting installation with the theme of passive resistance with the choreography of Jiří Bartovanec (Premier in Chemnitz 2019)

  • ESC (2018) - Dance for camera 34 min - the first part of the ESC project elaborates the principles of sacrifice of an individual. Directed by: HoR, Choreography / interpretation by Jiří Bartovanec

  • Outline - directed by: Jiří Bartovanec / author's cooperation - lighting design and scenography project for the Brno Theater World festival and the Czech Center in New York.

  • Razzle Dazzle (2017) - author project with scenic, film and gallery form. The premiere took place at the Czech Center in New York.

  • Experimental performance Fragrances working with advanced technology linking music, scenography, projection, costume and artist movement. It consists of ten visual poems about the strongest human perception. The premiere was at the Alfred ve dvoře Theater in Prague.

  • Elemethis! - Abstract series of photos about three new life forms. The project has a scenic and gallery version. Stage design with Dana Pala's choreography and music by Jiří Lukeš. The performance premiered in Barcelona, ​​Spain. In 2016 it was expanded to include the film and performative project Metamorfosis. (2016).


He is a co-author of projects:


  • Apendix (2020) Performace by Martin Hodoň / Light design / Set design / Costume design

  • La Palante (2020) Shortfilm by David Van / Light-set design

  • Gomora (2019) Performace by Vojtěch Bárta / Light design

  • Song lines (2019) Performance by Tomáš Janybka / Light design

  • Saudade (2019) Performace by Alice Minar /Light design / Video content

  • The Unbearable Fluency of Being (Renewed Premiere) (2019) / Author's performance by Vit Neznal in the original space of a specially designed aquarium for this production / Lighting Design / Slaughterhouse 78

  • Idomeneo (2019) - Opera DJKT Plzeň - Director: Arila Siegert - Mozart's Idomeneo opens a number of the composer's master operas. It was composed for Munich, where it had its world premiere on January 29, 1781. Lighting design

  • Guliet's Love (2019) Lucie Hrochová / Lighting Design / Studio Marta

  • Faidra's Love (2019) Author's performance by Alexandra Bolfová / Set/Costume Design / Studio Marta

  • ISBN (2019) Author collaboration with director Martin Hodon / Lighting Design / Studio Marta

  • In the Rocking Horse Axis (2019) Author collaboration with director Martin Hodoň / Lighting Design / Studio Marta

  • The Unbearable Fluency of Being (2018) / Vita Nezna's original performance in the original space of a specially designed aquarium for this production / Lighting Design / Slaughterhouse 78



He is also a member of a number of creative groups across the art spectrum. For choreographer Jiří Bartovanec ( from Sasha Waltzh Company form Berlin) created lighting design and scenography for Light echos (2019), Globe (2014), Enthropy (2015) or Opening of the Wells (2016) directed by Jan Antonín Pitínský at the National Theater in Brno and The Rite of Spring (2016) for which he was nominated lighting design within the Czech Dance Platform.

  • Is a founding member of the Spielraum Kollektiv, where he participated in the creation of side specific projects - Marie gave it how you give it ?, Plan D, What next? Furthermore, the stage performances Busking un / limited, Fidlovačka. and Relax now !.

  • With director Vít Neznal, he created a lighting design for the performances of Impossible Flow of Being and Error.

  • With the director Maťo Hodon, the free group #ostblok creates a performance: Solitude, Rocking Horse Axis, ISBN.

  • Worked with director Alexandra Bolfová on stage design and costumes to show Faidra's Love 

  • He collaborated with the choreographer Helena Ratajová in light and stage design on the performances Art of Manipulation and From the Life of Insects.

  • Scenographically and lightly created the current performance of the ballet The Nutcracker (2016) at Prague's Vinohrady Theater. With a British director

  • Tinou Parker collaborated on Caesar and created the light design of Lady Macbeth for the same Prague Shakespeare company.

  • He participated in the Akusmonium / Luxmonium projects - Josef Gallery, OEM arts, Ensamble terrible, Topos, Berg Orchestra,

  • Teatr nowogo fronta (CZ) / Treatr Clipa (Israel) created a lighting design for Unarmed forces.

  • In the last twenty years he has carried out a number of major projects in the field of transport design and medical design.

  • He has also been involved in creative abstract, theater and jazz photography for a long time.











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